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Every female at some point in her life after marriage wants to enter motherhood and give birth to a new life. Unfortunately not everyone gets the blessing of Mother Nature to experience this. Various reasons are responsible for this infertility being one of the main reasons. 

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Infertility is defined as failure to cause a pregnancy within one year of trying to conceive. This is age dependant. Prospective parents aged 35 or above can seek medical help after 6 months of trying.   Recent advances in medical science have found infertility treatments which have made it possible for couples to become proud parents to a cute little baby. But this also has its negative side. Couples without giving Mother Nature a chance to take its course jump to these treatments. They fail to understand that with the positives of this treatment it also has some negatives. For example infertility drugs have a side effect of multiple pregnancies which can be harmful for the mother as well as child.


Things to Note

First things first couples who come for treatment are counseled and reassured that they still have not lost time and are within normal range. They are explained that humans are efficient reproducers and not rapid reproducers.

If a couple comes within 3-4 months of trying, they are educated about the most fertile time to get best results. A group discussion involving couples who have sailed through the same boat is carried out so that the couple’s anxiety levels, stress are reduced. This makes them realize that the fertility issues they are facing are not uncommon and it takes time for reproduction. Also to reduce stress a history and physical examination can be carried 6 months before to rule out any major cause of infertility. It’s a type of reassurance for future parents that if they continue to try they will be able to conceive within a year. 

Couples aged 35 and above are recommended to try for 6 months rather than a year and if still no success doctors advise for a full infertility workup. A workup will try to identify the cause for infertility. Examination of potential causes for both male and female infertility is done.  If a problem is found out in the ovulation phase infertility drugs that stimulate ovulation are prescribed.

You can also get help from Pregnancy Miracle- a Chinese method to reverse infertility.

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